Flecklin Photography

Nice to have you here!

My name is Beat Flecklin and I am a hobby photographer born and raised in Schwyz (Switzerland). On this website you can find lots of pictures I've taken during my travels.
I tend to spend all my free time travelling. I love the stunning and colorful landscapes in the autumn at most. I have been taking pictures since childhood. 35 years ago, when I bought my first DSLR, photography became a very important part of my life.

About my gear
- Sony 7II & Sony 7r
- Zeiss FE 1.8/55mm
- Zeiss FE 4/24-70mm
- Zeiss Apo Sonar 2/135mm ZE
- Micro Nikkor 4/200mm D
- Canon TS-E 3.5 24mm L II
- Metabones IV EF-E mount
- Metabones N/F-E mount
- Sony HVL-F43M flash
- Novoflex carbon tripod
- Acratech leveling base
- Acratech Balhead
- Acratech long lens head
- Canmore GPS logger

- AutoPano Pro
- Photoshop CS
- NIK collections plugins